Saturday, July 16, 2011

Prince Edward Island

I’m currently taking a break from my Watson preparations and am halfway through my stay on Prince Edward Island with my parents. Between my graduation, getting ready for the year ahead, my sister’s wedding, and a nasty bout of strep throat, I think this down time was desperately needed. I have a feeling if I was home in Burlington, I would be obsessing over all that I need to do before I take off anyway, and up here, I am happily distracted.

I’ve come to Prince Edward Island every summer since the summer before kindergarten. This year is a briefer stay than most (2 weeks) but entirely worth it. Since I’ve moved around a fair amount in my life, it is, perhaps, the place that feels most like home. My room in our house on the island reflects this—it has become an odd amalgamation of things from different times of my life. James Joyce’s Dubliners next to a big yellow Playskool flashlight, a old red sweatshirt of my grandfather’s and multiple CD players that no longer work. It’s chilly here and so far my time has mainly consisted of sweatshirted beach walks and lazy days spent reading. The island itself remains the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen (Anne of Green Gables was right). I am lucky to be traveling to many different places in the next year, and I’m sure they will fill me with wonder and curiosity in a similar way, but for now, knowing what’s ahead is making me appreciate home even more.



  1. The other night I went to Anne of Green Gables The Musical for the first time in a number of years. It's Canada's Longest Running Musical and I say we get the 3TW crowd together again and bring it to the states. We already got a director and a redhead so we're good to go. The sky's the limit.

  2. Such gorgeous pictures... you bring me right back to the island when I look at these. I know that Kate and I will certainly come to your performances!