Friday, July 29, 2011

Arrival in Singapore

Good morning from Singapore! I arrived at my friend Eric’s apartment around 1:30am Singapore time after leaving Burlington approximately 34 hours before. At the moment I don’t feel tired at all but I’m sure it will catch up with me in a few hours. They were long flights and I tried to pass the time with bad TV shows and some David Foster Wallace topped off with People Magazine.

Although Singapore is not an official project country for me, because of when my flight got in, I would need to stay here at least one night before heading onto Bali anyway which seemed like a good excuse to stay for the weekend and see a little bit of Singapore. And (cue “It’s a Small World After All”) I met Eric at my sister’s wedding in early July and he kindly offered to host me while I’m here. Eric has been living in Singapore for about a year and is very well travelled himself. I'm very grateful for his hospitality and willingness to show me around. We are about to head to breakfast to plan our weekend. More on Singapore to come.


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