Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Adventure Begins

Currently at a layover in DC before boarding a 23 hour, 29 minute (!) flight to Singapore. I'll be there for the weekend before heading to Bali on Monday. The photo was taken by my mom at 4:15am this morning, approximately 30 seconds before I started bawling.

The color coordination with my bags was most definitely unintentional.



  1. Bon Voyage- you are going to have an absolutely amazing year. Can't wait to meet you at one of your destinations. xoxoxoxox

  2. Bon Voyage Nell! Will be following your blog faithfully. Loved your PEI sand art. Love, Kate

  3. Nell, have the world's greatest time. Travel is one of those bizarre, amazing things that screws with time more than anything else in the world: it's at once instant, never-ending, and practically already a memory when you're doing it. Try to be in every moment that you can, and know there's a whole army of people loving you stateside! i can't wait to follow along on your adventure.