Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This year has been measured in many ways. I count my quarterly reports and I count each month that goes by. I count the number of flights I've taken, the number of different rooms I've slept in, and what remains of my stipend for the year. I've measured time by malaria pills and the length of my hair and weather changing from rain to sun to snow to rain and back again.

When my days are filled with coffee shops and writing and searches for internet to sort out logistics, I feel like less of an adventurer. Time begins to blur and it feels harder to check off measurements or feel a sense of accomplishment.

But there have also been moments this year that are clearly measured. Moments that feel like check marks in the adventure that is this year--climbing Mt. Batur volcano in Bali, or seeing the Taj Mahal at sunrise, or taking a flight over Victoria Falls. There is the sense of physical accomplishment that I'm living in a particular moment, reaching a particular peak. 

Climbing a mountain is almost too easy a metaphor. But most cliches are cliches because they're true. 

All of the photos above were taken by Tricia and are of Gaby, me, and Jack, the dog.

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