Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rabat (Re)Visited

Pulling into the Rabat train station after a few days in Fez, I was so thrilled to be back and to get to show people around this beautiful city. Nina, Jeff and Ella termed themselves "the advance team" because they're my first visit from family of the year. My parents will arrive on Christmas, and my sister and brother-in-law a few days later. I really do consider these weeks leading up to Christmas the most wonderful time of the year, and although I'm missing having a tree, shopping on a snowy Church Street, and my grandmother's handmade advent calendar, it's a cliched truth that it is the people I'm surrounded by who make up this holiday anyway, and I'm so glad to get to have visitors at this point during my year away.

Although I may be mourning the loss of a white Christmas, it's hard to complain when December looks like this:

(Have I mentioned that I love this city?)

To the Advance Team: Thanks for the exploration, conversations, fantastic meals, and most of all, for bringing me American peanut butter.

By some weird genetic happenstance, Ella and I look way more alike than my sister and I do. Evidence shows we always have...

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