Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Une Coupe de Cheveux Grande

I have to admit that I'm pretty vain about my hair. I've worn it long since kindergarten, and, once I finally passed the straight-hair envy high school phase, most often leave it alone to form its unpredictable waves.

But this year is about change, and on a whim I wandered into a hair salon on a rainy Rabat day. It felt like a sign that the person at reception spoke a few words of English, and between my limited French and VERY limited Arabic, I got the point across. I decided to embrace spontaneity, try not to panic, and keep my eyes down as nearly a foot of hair ended up on the floor.

And this is what I ended up with. Much shorter than I've ever had it before, and probably much shorter than I would have wanted if there weren't communication barriers involved, but hey, let's be honest, this is way easier for traveling.

Insert gratuitous photos that have little to do with my project or my travels, but, in my defense, CAN relate to embracing the changes that are this year. (Because if I'm not going to try this now, when will I?)

(I'm still a little afraid to wash it and see what it looks like curly....)

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  1. Haven't seen your shoulders since you were in Kindergarten! Looks great!