Monday, September 26, 2011


Downtown MysoreJust another pig on the side of the road.
View of Mysore with Chamundi Hills.

I came to India without much of an itinerary. Because I knew I had contacts to stay with here, I waited to seek their advice and recommendations before planning my seven weeks in great detail. Over the last 24 hours, I've been booking train tickets across India like it's my job. (Actually, it kind of is my job). I've been painstakingly prioritizing what I want to see here and I'm trying to accept that there's no way I can see it all. I'm trying to go to some places that will be interesting for my research and some places that I just have to see (i.e. I'm not going to India without going to the Taj Mahal).

Here's the current plan:

September 21st-October 7th: Stay in Mysore with various relatives of the Natarajan family and continue to do research.

October 7th-October 11th: Stay in Bangalore, mainly for sightseeing.

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